Monday, October 11, 2010

BIJALI AVTAR –The Electricity

After seeing women being worshied everywhere
The God was worried seeing Kalyugs atmospehere
The ladies are getting froward everyday
And may start a revolution against me and say
You have taken all the incarnation as a man
And have confiend laxmi ji in a den
She is women and needs to be brought forward
And this time she should take incarnation in this world
He thought and thought and went to laxmi to tell
There is darkness and the world has become a hell
To remove the darkness and to bring in the light
This time for my reincarnation is very right
I would have taken incarnation , He said
But this time going to earth, I am afraid
If born like Ram, people will pass comments
What a fool to go to forest to obey parents
If born like krishna, they would be scandal
Gop and Gopies will beat me with their sandal
If born like Narsimha, than what I will do
They will all Capture me and put in a zoo
Hence dear Laxmi please try to understand
And solve my problems like a good friend
This time you go and take incarnation
Ans see closely the world and my creation
Remove all the darkness and shine like sun
My dear Kamli, become Bijali and have fun.
Don’t bother about me, I will manage
It won’t be difficult for me in this age
But please do come to me, my dear
Some time when there are clouds come as thunder
Laxmi agreed but with a very heavy heart
She was daughter of Ocean but this time smart
She was a women and so kept women’s name
And took worth from river with the help of dam
And a few days she became so popular
Brighting life of everyone, everywhere
By giving incarnation to Laxmi, God was so right
That today nothing is possible without electricity light
If shine in the night and is so beautiful
Sparks with touvh of a button, so wonderfull
Power, light, electricity has become a passion
But she did not forget that she is women
Sweeping, washing, stiching and in the kitchen
She is there in all applicences to help women
These wires like owls are carriers of Bijali
We worship lights on the festival of Deepawali
So popular but still loyal to husband she stay
If one touches, get shocked and thrown away
And the fuse goes off when there is tiredness
Oh friends! Bijali is Laxmi the Godess


  1. Hi! Ghottoji
    Enjoyed your translation very much. I am indeed very happy that now you have put this poem and its translation on this blog. I am sure millions will enjoy it.

    I had read your poem Bjlee in Hindi in my school days more than 30 years back. It inspired me very much as I grew up. The whole philosophy by you of looking at today's gadgets and style as Avatars of Kaliyugas, I have enjoyed very much since then. You were far ahead of time. Today whole world has adopted that idea as the spread of word Avatar in sites like face book, yahoo, skype and movie avatar shows.
    Please put all your other classics including all other avatars also on your blog and their translation.

  2. thanks for the comments.happy diwali to you and your family mmb tara and bai